Part 2 of 2 - The impact of our time on devices on how we interact with the world.
The case for optimism and patience in 2021
Part 1 of 2 - Setting intentions around our time on devices.
Out from behind our office desk. End of the daily commute. That business trip is now a Zoom. Now that we've found freedom, why would we go back?
I believe we are in a period of great transformation. Things will go back towards normal, but they will not go back to normal.
Let’s be honest. The NYTimes piece about OZ’s this weekend is bad. The Opportunity Zone program is being painted as just another tax…
I went $120k into credit card debt running my first startup, it was super scary as a 27 yr old to risk my financial future that way. At the…
If you haven’t been following this as closely as we have been at Launch Pad, the Opportunity Zone legislation is a tax incentive designed…
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Flow State by Chris Schultz