Life in Analog

Hi! I’m Chris Schultz and I write a newsletter called Analog. Welcome.

I’ve found myself retreating from our increasingly digital world to find depth and understanding. Our friend Adam visited us at our home in a redwood grove in Sonoma County and remarked how living without internet, listening to records, and talking about ideas over wine made by friends we were living an analog life.

Analog is a newsletter I write as an exploration of ideas that matter to me. This is a newsletter about ideas that I want to do a deep dive on. Concepts that have been important to me in my life and career and questions that I want to ponder and formulate an opinion on.

So much of our digital world is about clutter and surface level consumption. I find the endless scroll unsatisfying and stressful. In the last several years I’ve found truth in books made of paper, Steely Dan played on a Marantz record player, and conversations in our redwood grove with my wife Anne, my daughter, Harper and friends and colleagues.

Analog is a recognition that life can’t be fully rendering in 0’s and 1’s, that understanding is non-binary and nuanced.

I invite you to join me as I explore high fidelity ideas about fulfilment, agency, and truth.

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