Flow State

Hi! I’m Chris Schultz. I write a newsletter called Flow State where I discuss my entrepreneurial journey and the pursuit of a life of agency, joy & meaning.

I've built engineering teams for and invested in 3 billion dollar companies 🦄. I've dedicated my career to building companies as a founder and investor and have helped thousands of entrepreneurs on their journey.

I'm currently taking on new companies in need of software engineering through Flatstack, and AI projects through Flow State Industries. 🚀

My wife Anne and I are founders of the Launch Pad Foundation, a 501c3 dedicated to building community in cities globally. The Launch Pad Foundation grew out of Launch Pad, a network of coworking spaces serving entrepreneurs. 🦋

I'm currently writing a book about lessons learned on my entrepreneurial journey called "Analog" and hoping to finish it one of these days. 🌲

I'm also passionate about music and produce two music festivals: the Tropic of Cancer Music and Arts Festival in Todos Santos, Mexico, 🏄‍♂️ and Cosmico Fest in Healdsburg, CA. 🍷

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Dispatches from an entrepreneurial journey in pursuit of a life of agency, joy & meaning.


Writing a book called Analog. 🌲 Built software for & invested in 3 unicorns. 🦄 Spread love through music. Produce Cosmico. 🤘