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Here are some tips I've used in the past -

1) Put the ipad in a place where kids can't reach it on their own.

2) Set specific "watching time" Watching time is in the AM from x time to x time. Or after a nap or whatever. That way you can do it at the same time and it won't be so confusing to her.

3)Set a time limit before she starts watching. You can watch x amount of shows or YT videos per watching time. When she gets older and has a better sense of time you can say you have 30min of watching time etc..

4) Consistency - You have to make sure you stick to the plan and very consistent for the first week.

5) Reinforcement - Each time she watches you remind her of the new watching agreement - remember you are going to watch two shows and then we will turn it off and go do X

6) 5min warning - You have five min left of watching and then we are going to X as we talked about before you started watching

7) Don't end the convo with "okay?" it will make her think she has a say in this. I usually end with "got it?" or "do you understand?"

8) If at first you don't succeed try try again :)

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